How to send pictures to your digital photo frame
 How to send pictures to your digital photo frame

 How to send pictures to your digital photo frame-There are several ways to send your photos to a digital photo frame. Digital photo frames come in wide ranges including size, styles, connectivity options such as memory card or USB flash drives, and even with social media these days.

If you want to know the best ways to send your photos to digital photo frames then read the below article:

Transfer photos from a memory card:

Transferring photos from a memory card had been the best and the simplest form to transfer photos from the beginning itself. If you want to transfer any number of photos from your computer’s hard drive you just need to insert the USB memory card reader or your laptops inbuilt memory card port.

Then you will be able to drag, drop, and delete files on the memory card using your computer’s file browser.

  1. Use a web uploading tool:

If someone has a huge number of photos or a collection of photo albums uploading through Wi-Fi or mobile will be a lot of time-consuming. In such a case one can opt web uploading method.

To complement their companion apps, including Nix play and Aura.

Go to the relevant website sign in with the same account details as you had given for your frames. And you will be able to upload your images directly from your computer to the cloud.

  1. How to email pictures to your digital photo frame:

 It is one of the best and easiest way to send your pictures. If your frame is Wi-Fi enabled, there’s a high chance that you will be able to send photos directly to the frame through email.

Examples of such frames are Dragon Touch 10 below. It has a unique email address out of the box, and others will provide you with this facility when you sign-up for a free account.

  1. Send your photos to digital photo frames through Google


We all know about Google photos. And I am sure that all of us have used it some or the other way. Several photo frames also support transfers from third party online storage.

Aura and Nix Play will allow you to access iCloud and Google Drive through the companion app.

There are many more methods that you can use to transfer the photos to the digital frame. But let’s keep this article small and simple. Hope you like the above article and found it useful.

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