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Facebook increased its work from home Amidst coronavirus.

Facebook increased work from home

Facebook increased its work from home Amidst coronavirus. Facebook has recently agreed-upon work from home till June 2021, all the employees are asked to provide the service staying safe at home till the mid of the next year.Previously Google has taken this decision.

All the employees working for facebook are eligible to work from home

How Facebook decided for Work From Home :

The decision was taken by looking at the guidelines from health and government experts and keeping all the decisions drawn from internal discussions about these matters the employees are allowed to continue voluntarily working from home until June 2021.

Does Facebook have something for their employee? :

Facebook also announced additional support to its employees at $1000 per month extra to ease their work from home.

On the other hand, Google has announced it earlier this month that it is going to extend its work from home services till June 21st of next year.

These two tech giants also very popular among lots of technical graduates dream company, because of their commitments towards each employee and their employee comforts.both of them are having a wide network of their offices in multiple cites across the globe.

The decision made was fairly in the favor of employees and their comforts are the company’s foremost priority. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has priorly spoken about the course plan of the coming decade. Almost half of the company may be asked to work fully remotely. Though he quoted that a few certain types of roles would not be eligible for full remote work some of them are a worker who works in divisions like hardware development, data centers, recruiting, policy and partnerships.

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These workers have to continue their work at a physical office only.

So this is all about the news of Facebook extending its work from home policy. Do let me know your views on this decision.