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The Best Password Managers in 2020

The Best Password Managers
Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

The Best Password Managers. In the present-day world, the best password managers is a must. We are living in a world where any sort of Illegal activity can be performed easily by using the “DARK WEB”. Since our entire data has been thrown out without any firewall.

Due to all security and privacy issues password managers are necessary and play a very important role. A great Password Manager can be a game-changer. It not only examines our password as most of us use the same password for our various online accounts, multiple sites, multiple web pages.

 A Password Manager will also save your time in monitoring and avoiding the various activities of the dark web. It will also help you remember a lot of (dozens) of your passwords.

  So let me quote some of the best Password Managers in 2020

Dash Lane Password Manager :

 it allows free versions. its free version has a great ability it can store up to 50 multiple accounts of various passwords with multiple authentication processes.

You can also avail of its premium account benefits. It provides you the additional facility such as synchronizing all your passwords of your various devices(mobile & desktop). It also checks the dark web breach.

Last Pass:

it is the best free version available in the market today as it comes with the ability to encrypt your information using AES256 bit with PBKDF2 SHA-256. This can store your credit card details too. It supports multiple-factor authentication which can protect you from various cybercrime like phishing etc


It is best to share the encrypted files, but there’s no free version of it that should have to purchase the premium account to avail the benefits of its various special ability.

Robo Form:

it is best for filling forms it is used for both ios and android. It provides you with a secure vault feature. The best thing is that it comes in the free version too but its free version doesn’t sync your passwords across the devices. This will be used to identify weak and duplicate passwords as well.

Finally, I would like to conclude that password managers play a very strong role. In securing individuals’ privacy and monitoring dark web breach.

 All password managers come with a premium account option for which you have to pay but it’s a worth to feel secure and safe and also to provide a safe vault for our documents and contact details.