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Can TikTok Come Back in India?

can tiktok come back in india
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Can TikTok Come Back in India. Firstly we should know what is TikTok and the issues due to which it was banned in India along with 59 other Chinese apps.

Tiktok is a short video creating application that has videos featured in it. This was surely advantageous especially for a poor sect of people in India. Those who don’t have much money to afford costly setup instruments to shoot videos.

 this issue due to which it was banned in India. As we all know, it is a Chinese app. This means its maximum stakes are held by the Chinese company called “Byte Dance” which is its parent company.

it is also believed to have links with the Chinese Government. Due to all the Border Tensions between India and China Indian Government has banned 59 apps which includes Tiktok too. It has said to monitor more Chinese apps closely due to the concerns Government of India. Because of the Chinese Government as it can misuse the data of millions of Indian users the app had.

How Can TikTok Come Back in India:

The main issues can Tiktok return to India with the help of Microsoft.
 I personally think that’s very much difficult at this time. But it is not impossible to sort of thing as Microsoft wanted to take over TikTok in regions such as Australia, New Zealand, and North America but neither Microsoft nor Byte Dance has discussed relating to taking over Indian region as we have to accept the fact that India is one of the largest markets to TikTok and no company would like to lose such a huge market.

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According to a report in Financial Times, it can include India and Europe too but there has been no confirmation from both sides. The deal is far from sealed as byte dance values all of TikTok for more than 50 billion dollars and which is far more according to Microsoft and TikTok has received the deadline of September 15 from Microsoft…

Finally, I would like to say that India is the largest market nearly having 30.3% of its global downloads. But we have to see whether Byte Dance takes it seriously or not or GOI lifts its ban on finding that there are no security issues for data of millions of Indian users…

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