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How To Disable The Keyboard In Laptop

How To Disable The Keyboard In Laptop

A lot of times you may want to use an outer keyboard with your laptop because sometimes the keys of the laptop keyboard get damaged or because you want to clean Or repair your keyboard or maybe you simply want to use some more additional features Or it can be anything.

But some of the users are not pleasant in using the outer keyboard while the laptop keyboard is enabled because placing the outer keyboard is a bit challenging with the built-in keyboard on the laptop.
So if you want to disable Or uninstall the laptop keyboard here are few steps to follow. Firstly you need to decide whether you want to disable Or uninstall ‘Temporarily’.

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Firstly open your laptop, then go into search option and type “Device Manager”, click on the first result.

Then scroll down till you find the keyboard section and as you find it click on it for more options.
And then right-click it to expand the list of more options.
Finally, click “Disable” to disable the laptop keyboard. If you don’t have to disable option then you should click “Uninstall” instead. Both of these options will disable your laptop keyboard.
If after doing so it asked you to confirm that you want to disable or uninstall the keyboard, tap “Yes” So that the process could go forward.

There’s a chance of a pop up menu to restart Your PC

Your keyboard will be disabled.

If you want to enable it back then follow the same steps-

<“go to device manager”> then and <“tap on it finally to expand”> ,

finally, click on “enable” Option.
Hence, this is it. A very simple and easy method to disable or uninstall your laptop keyboard whenever you want to do. Do let me know your tricks or views on this method in the comment section below.

If anything goes wrong please take help from here.