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How To Connect Android Phones To Your Tv

How To Connect Android Phones To Your Tv
How To Connect Android Phones To Your Tv

How To Connect Android Phones To Your Tv-In today’s world we all are surrounded by technologies like smartphones, smart TV the only difference between these are smartphones has a small screen whereas TV has a big screen.

 Many of us who doesn’t have a laptop or computer wish to watch movies on a big screen at home. So the problem with this solution is solved as now we can easily connect our smartphones to big screen Tv. But we need a cable for that which becomes another problem for all of us.

Here is the way you can connect your phone to Tv without using a cable. This method is quite easy and helpful

There are two ways through which we can connect our phones to tv and enjoy watching whatever we want.

The first method is through Chromecast and second through screen mirroring.

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Using Chromecast:

Nowadays connecting without a cable is so easy and might even be cheaper. The first option requires an additional purchase of a Chromecast. This is Google’s dongle device which gets plug directly into the TV and allows the user to cast any videos, images, or watch movies and sometimes files, from Android phones to the big screen in the home. As it is a Google product, it can work with iOS as well. Chromecast is a workable solution to all.

Mirroring Screen:

Another best solution to this is by using a mirroring feature through phones. Its process depends on the make of the phone, although the feature works the same to a great extend. This is mostly described as “Screen Cast” or “Screen Mirroring,” Samsung phone owners may find the feature called as “Smart View” On there phone setting menu and on the control center on iPhones. Mi users can tap on wireless display present on there setting menu.

 The feature works the same to some extent as casting from an app where once clicked, the videos or images are wirelessly sent to the TV from the phone. The difference is that there is no need for an extra app to do mirroring with TV which a major advantage but there is also a disadvantage to this which means you cannot use many options on the phone while casting because of the entire phone’s screen is mirrored to the TV.