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Tik Tok CEO Resigns-Know the Reason Why?

Tik Tok CEO Resigns
Tik Tok CEO Resigns

Tik Tok CEO Resigns- In recent times, TIK TOK has been in news due to various reasons, whether it be related to its alleged links with PLA, security issues. It’s ban in various regions including INDIA and the USA, and various restrictions in a different part of the world. All these issues can be directly related to the massive spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic from China. The way it handled pandemic, it’s nature of hiding information from the rest of the world.

In INDIA it (TIK TOK) came under the radar of GOI due to aggression of PLA and its president at Linea of Actual Control. I hope I may need not to explain about LAC in this article as it will make the article too long. Its ban in the USA and other parts of the world is due to similar reasons.

Also, many countries have been awakening from a deep sleep, have realized their dependency on themselves on China. And wants to end the monopoly of China in their domestic markets.

India has taken its firm stand in this direction, progressing towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The USA had also started its measure in these directions. And wants to end China’s influence in its pharmaceutical sector, had made changes in its foreign policy regarding China.

Now let’s come to the resignation of CEO of TIK TOK :

Kevin Mayer was Disney executive who joined TIK TOK as CEO just 100 days ago announced that he’s resigning recently.
Mayer was brought to reassure US Legislators about chines owners of the app but it looks like he was not expecting such a huge. Intense conflict with President Donald Trump as he had passed an executive order to ban the Chinese based app.

A spokesperson said that “they appreciate that the political dynamics for the last few months have drastically changed the scope of Kevin’s role. And he would be going forward and they fully respect his decision. They are thankful for his time at the company and wish him well”.

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According to me, it was expected that it will not be easy for Kevin to resolve the issues with the President of the USA. As we all know that The President would take a harsh step towards china. And its apps or other products as the USA wants to end the monopoly of china in most of its domestic sector. The USA will not tolerate any country which will challenge its status of being a world superpower

Also, we have seen a common trend in the USA. It will be more aggressive towards china when it has a republican party ruling it. This will be slightly less aggressive when it has democratic party rule.

We all know that President Donald Trump belongs to the republican party. And it was expected that he will be slightly more aggressive towards China as compared to previous President Barack Obama. We can expect more harsh decisions coming from the USA and more hurdles for china till the end of the November Elections in the USA. After that, it may lower it’s intense but not before that.