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How to speed up Windows 10:

How to speed up Windows 10:
How to speed up Windows 10:

How to speed up Windows 10- It is a very powerful operating system that comes with a vast number of built-in features, resources. Windows 10 is arguably the best efficiently coded operating system.
It’s important to know how to speed up any operating system which you are using. Even if Windows 10 comes with built-in extremely useful features to improve overall efficiency. But still your computer may slow down over the period of time.
Your system may slow down because of unwanted files, software, hardware upgrades, temporary files, etc. These are common reasons. You just have to know how to speed- up your operating system windows 10 to have the topmost performance of your computer.
Let us see the methods and various soft wares which will help you to speed up your windows 10 operating system:

Restart your computer :

This seems to be an obvious step, many of us keep using the computer for a long period in such a case windows10 will automatically put the display to sleep. All previously started programs will continue. This overtime will slow your machine.
You can solve this problem just by shutting down your computer. Remember to close your running program and save it before shutting down your computer.


Microsoft releases software update frequently. Not upgrading your software may be one of the reasons for the slowing down of your pc. You can solve this issue just by upgrading your software as soon as Microsoft releases a new update.

Check start-up apps :

The computer can be slow down by a number of running processes. This is common because many installers will instruct windows10 to run their programs immediately after you log in, this will surely slow down your operating system.

To prevent any program from launching login just right- click and choose “disable”.
Remove unused software :
We all know that redundant programs take up space on your hard drive and can reduce the performance of your computer. To avoid this you just have to remove the unwanted software.

Upgrade your ram :

Your PC’S overall speed can be hugely improved by increasing the amount of RAM. Windows10 requires a minimum of 4GB RAM to run smoothly. To avoid slowing down your pc you can just upgrade your RAM by installing more efficient and high storage of RAM.
Hope this article will be of some use for you guys, there are many more techniques to speed up your windows10 operating system

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