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New Netflix shows to watch

New Netflix shows to watch

New Netflix Shows to watch. As we all know that Netflix is an online streaming platform where a subscriber can enjoy various nationals. International shows movies and many more till the end of his subscription period. After the end of the subscription, the user has to take a subscription again if he wants to enjoy his loved shows without any issues.

New Netflix Shows to watch that gains popularity real quick:

Over a few years, it has expanded its business across nearly 200 countries. Now it has come up with an amazing strategy to woo its non-subscriber who are spread across 200 countries.
Earlier only the first episode of any series or show was free for watching further episode users had to pay the subscription fee. But now it is providing some shows and movies for free to its non- subscribers.

May be Netflix has noticed that it is not the only one streaming platform that is available to people these days. All other streaming platforms were providing better plans and much more free stuff for their users.
If Netflix would not have come up with this strategy it must have lost its many users to its competitors.
Recently the popular Netflix Originals includes movies and shows, such as Stranger Things and Murder Mystery, etc.
“We were searching from different marketing promotions to attract new members. And give then a great Netflix experience”, a Netflix spokesperson told in a statement.

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Users do not have to create a new account. Android users can access this offer through their mobile browsers as well. It has also made “Bard of Blood”, a show it produced in India, free to users in the country. It also made the talk show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” available to the users for free on youtube.

I’m sure this is to attract people of India as it knows India is a huge market and it needs people to make a huge impact in the online streaming industry. As it is the largest Asian streaming platform.
I’m sure that Netflix will come up with a more amazing experimenting plan to attract new users from all over the world as it is not the first time it is doing this.