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How to Boost your Wi-Fi speed

How to Boost your Wi-Fi speed
How to Boost your Wi-Fi speed

How to Boost your Wi-Fi speed-We all know that the internet has become a crucial part of our life. It helps us being connected. The Internet has made it a huge world a small place to be connected.

During this whole pandemic period we most of us are connected to our loved one just because of the internet. It may be through zoom, Jio meet, Google, WhatsApp, etc.

So let’s know the top ways by which you can boost your Wi-Fi speed or internet speed:

  1. Pick an internet provider with the fastest speed:

It is the simplest and fastest way by which you can increase your internet speed. In the present time, most of us face technically related issues due to network issues.

If you have not taken any broadband connection then find the best internet provider with the best speed.

The competition between providers is huge and fierce .by these consumers can be benefitted. This competition will increase and intensify with the introduction of the 5G network.

  1. Check if your provider is facing some issue:

It is also a possible scenario due to which your speed has been reduced. In such a case contact your service provider and let him know your issue.

You should ask whether he is facing some sort of issues with his network. In such a case you should be calm and let him solve the issue.

 Determine if you are being throttled or experiencing congestion:

It can also be one of the reasons due to which network speed can be reduced. In such a case VPN is the best tool that you can use to increase your speed. Sign up for one, no internet provider will get to know what you are doing. If your download speed increases then you are facing a throttling issue.

  1. Check whether you are connected to the right network and network provider:

As we all know that the internet has become a very crucial part of our life. Nowadays several networks and network providers are present in your locality itself.

In that case, you must be connected to the right network and network provider if not then it will reduce your internet speed.

  1. Find a central place for your router:

It is one of the easiest ways one can do to increase internet speed.

The walls in the way of the signal can block the path of the waves. The blocking of signals depends on the type of material used in the manufacturing of the material. Things made of metal can block more signals as compared to wood, plastic, or nonmetal.

To avoid this issue find a central place where there will be less obstruction in the path of the signal as we all know that signals can travel in both horizontal and vertical directions.

To achieve this if you have shift your things from one place to another then do it without any second thought.

 Hope this article useful.

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