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AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS point of sale (POS) review
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AirPOS point of sale (POS)- AirPOS is a cloud-based operation based in Northern Ireland and has been around since 2009. It gives a stage of sale options and ePOS systems chiefly for small companies.

AirPOS also now provides a free 14-day trial of this machine so that you can see whether it is the correct type of match for your enterprise be it a present company or a new thought.

While it seems to be a one-stop alternative you will really take the option of incorporating the likes of Zettle, Sumup, Worldpay, and Xeroso to fully exploit the capacity of AirPOS. The building blocks are set up, therefore does AirPOS figure out how to join the dots up and deliver the products? AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS Pricing – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS gets things off to a good start in regards to getting you to spend on its own services and products. Much like many POS businesses, AirPOS underlines it does not ask that you have a contract, so there are no hidden charges and pricing is straightforward and transparent.

That is well new and predicated on its own site that certainly seems to be the situation. Their pricing installment is as follow:

– AirPOS Fundamental bundle is 29.99 a month

– AirPOS Guru is 39.99 a month

There’s also a Non-profit option mentioned also, for which you will want to get a hold of AirPOS to talk that through. They also offer you a complimentary hardware package on a yearly subscription with AirPOS Guru that is excellent if you are starting out, or whether you’re in the market for a new POS system.

That’s all there is to it save for the requirement to incorporate those other small business solutions mentioned in the start that’s, to get a more comprehensive e-commerce package. AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS Characteristics – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS likes to keep things quite easy with its hardware and software installation, which is always very good news if you are a small business owner looking for a simple POS solution.

AirPOS has partnered with hardware providers, such as StoreKit, a UK-based ePOS firm, which allows it to give you point of purchase kit where required. As a consequence of the cooperation, AirPOS states its alternatives for Windows platforms in addition to mobile devices such as iPad and Android tablets.

Together with hardware and applications, AirPOS incorporates the likes of iZettle, Sumup, and Worldpay for processing payments anyplace, Tide, and Xero for bookkeeping applications.

In addition, you acquire AirPOS reporting, which lets you keep an eye on inventory levels and general business activity. This info can be obtained with a dedicated program (or at the back office).

If you elect for the AirPOS Pro bundle, in-house, you like access to power user characteristics like obtaining the ability to make customer loyalty programs, client & commerce accounts, and an immediate Shopify integration.

AirPOS Performance – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS is cloud-based and, even in case you’ve got a tiny business employing the simple package, then daily running should be quite straightforward. This package gets one POS display and offers unlimited access to this cloud-based back office.

Businesses with a greater quantity level of consumers are going to be more suited to this AirPOS Guru bundle. The Pro package provides the exact same unlimited access into the back office while adding in additional functionality such as supplying exclusive access to client accounts and those client loyalty schemes.

As soon as you’ve signed up to AirPOS then the majority of your daily work could be achieved through the AirPOSBackoffice, which we discovered trundled along with fine.

AirPOS Ease of use – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

Besides the hardware factors, you might discover that AirPOS is handled mainly from inside the AirPOSBackoffice. Best accessed using a web browser, you are going to discover that inside here are the alternatives for organizing your small business.

Down a menu, the left side of this browser window allows you access core purposes, such as inventory, sales, and clients, all of which are available as soon as you’ve been through the initial setup steps.

Beginning from scratch means you have got a job in your hands to populate the e-commerce groups if you are selling goods. AirPOS does permit you to import CVS files, however, so that speeds up the procedure.

There is also the choice for configuring PayPal within the dashboard, in addition to a link to downloading the AirPOS program. You are able to incorporate the Xero bookkeeping system from within this region too. Step-by-step cloud-based simplicity in different words. AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

AirPOS Service – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

The AirPOS site has a dedicated support region which comes with an abundance of helpful information, which ranges from getting to grips with its systems through to the way to generate reports.

There is also a fundamental AirPods FAQ listing plus also a link where you could submit a petition, which will presumably find its own way to encourage employees.

The aid posts are in reality very nicely detailed, with a simplistic breakdown of functions and features, together with screenshots. It is basic but solid details.

Ad – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

Concerning talking to actual people, AirPOS has personnel available between 9a. M. and midnight seven days per week, UK time. An in-screen chat alternative is also available if you require advice on the go.

Another valuable aspect for novices to this service is that the free point of sale installation assistance, which will get you started without extra fees. Furthermore, the business site includes some community posts that provide up a taste of their AirPOS experience.

AirPOS Final verdict – AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

In generalAirPOS appears like it is building well, with plenty to offer you the small business owner who’s trying to find a very simple solution that works on a single stage. AirPOS has teamed up with the ideal collaborators to generate a service that does lots and offers lots of the characteristics and functions which are anticipated from POS programs.

Nevertheless, it is still a fairly small player in this competitive marketplace and may benefit from a marginally more joined-up strategy.

Offering the capability to plug to the likes of iZettle, Sumup and Worldpay are evident advantages, but the add-on feel of those features may be a bit off-putting.

The distinct reporting program is just another illustration of where the day-to-day usability could be a bit more unified. It is doubtless that AirPOS will receive your e-commerce actions done, particularly with the launch of the Shopify integration for merchants, but there is as with any service provider, there is always room for advancement. AirPOS point of sale (POS) review

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