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Kamatera review

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Kamatera review – Kamatera was established in 1995. It has been gathering valuable industry experience for 25 years without a break. This is because it is part of an international network of IT-based service providers called OMC Computers. The first VPS-hosted virtual machine was created in 2002. Since then, they have been providing these solutions to many businesses and organizations.

They have 13 global data centers, including New York, Dallas, and Santa Clara (the USA), which they manage from their New York office. Many thousands of servers provide cloud-based VPS-type services for enterprise clients, including start-ups and application developers as well as international enterprises and SaaS providers.
Kamatera claims they use “cutting-edge” technology to ensure reliability, security, and continuous surveillance of their “power fail-proof” data centers. 

You can find all the technical details and specifications about the servers on the main website. It is also available in five languages, including Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, and Spanish. There is also a lot of information about their services.

Their official blog is a good place to start if you’ve done your research and want to learn more. It is not the newest Kamatera project (all articles published in 2020), but it does contain some decent how-to articles. Social networking is not their forte, as all their accounts have been sitting empty for quite some time.

Pricing and plans

Kamatera seems to have an objective to make cloud hosting affordable to everyone. They offer cloud-based VPS solutions starting at $4 per month for dedicated servers and going up to $1,000 per month for cloud-based VPS solutions. The plans are arranged in a logical order. If you click on “More Info & Calculator”, you’ll see that they all offer a high degree of customization in terms of data centers and hosting subtypes, processors, and GB/GB of monthly traffic.

You can also choose to be charged on an hourly or monthly basis. This is something we unfortunately rarely see.
A 30-day free trial is another feature that makes it easy for beginners and one of the main selling points. This replaces the more standard money-back guarantee. Kamatera may ask for information about your credit card to protect their system. This is important to remember.

Kamatera is not flexible when it comes to payment methods. Payments can be made using credit cards or standing orders.

Use it quickly

You can cancel your Kamatera services at any time. The promotional package includes a cloud server with a configuration fee of up to $100, 1000GB cloud storage, 1000GB outgoing internet traffic, full access to all Kamatera features, a designated account manager, comprehensive customer support, and consultations with professionals.
If you think all of this sounds appealing, sign up by entering your email address and creating a password. We’ll disappoint you if this sounds like what you were expecting (which we kind of did). After completing the validation process, you will be able to create an account.

You’ll need to add your data (including your phone number) and details about your credit cards. You can cancel your services at any time within 30 days. If you do not cancel within 30 days, you will be charged for every day beyond the trial period.

You can choose from one of the pre-made packages or customize them to your requirements if you don’t feel the need to trial. You will need to create an account at Kamatera in both cases.

Kamatera’s interface is simple and intuitive. You won’t find someone to help you install the apps or get access to the control panels (they can cost extra) or transfer your domain to work.

Although we are certain you know the answer, we are not going to change our minds. Kamatera is not something we recommend to anyone new unless they are willing and able to pay a lot to have professionals handle everything.

Speed and experience

Kamatera has servers almost everywhere. However, its impressive cloud infrastructure should ensure that all of its websites run at lightning speed. We were optimistic about the speed of Kamatera’s main website. Meanwhile, we waited eagerly for GTmetrix results to justify our high expectations. We were disappointed to find that we received a lower than average performance and an error (53%), but this is nothing to be proud of. The page took 4.5 seconds to load, which is much faster than the average result, 8.1.

Kamatera is proud of its “extraordinarily large reliability and availability”. It guarantees 99.95% uptime at all times. We found it difficult to believe their promises after our faith was tested. After monitoring Kamatera’s main site for over a month, we received a report that showed 99.97% uptime. This is slightly higher than what they promised. Kamatera passed the test despite some instances of downtime, with the longest lasting 19 minutes.


While Kamatera’s website offers a great deal of information about its infrastructure, supply of services, and itself, there is not enough information regarding customer support. This is especially true for self-help options. There is a FAQ section that answers three basic questions and a couple of articles on their blog. There is no knowledge base.
You can contact Kamatera’s customer service team by telephone, email, chat, support ticket, or live chat. Most of these services should be available 24 hours a day. We tested their live chat with a few questions and received a response in minutes. It was all very polite. Kamatera’s support staff is responsive and willing to help. However, it may not always be able to.

After learning more about their service support levels, it appears that you will need one of their premium managed services plans if you require prompt and professional assistance.

The competition

In Motion hosting, like Kamatera, is specialized in premium web hosting solutions. These can be tailored to meet all types of business needs, from simple ones to complex ones. You can trust either one of these companies if you’re looking to improve your website. If you are looking to start a website, such as a personal blog, portfolio, or small business, InMotion Hosting might be a better choice. Their entry-level plan includes everything you need (free domain, SSL certificate and hack, DDoS protection, lots of marketing tools, and an easy-to-use cPanel).

You might be interested in premium fully managed solutions that focus more on WordPress. Kamatera’s US-based counterpart is Kinsta. Kinsta is user-friendly and beginner-friendly, but it does not offer basic services such as domain registration and its pricing leaves much to be desired.

Another host, HostGator from the USA might be a good choice if you’re new to this. This host can offer complex hosting solutions to a growing business while also meeting the needs of those with more basic requirements without breaking the bank. You can test them both, as Kamatera and HostGator offer a money-back guarantee.

Kamatera review
Blue Host | image source

Bluehost, another US-based host, offers a variety of hosting options, options, and features at very affordable prices. The USA is Kamatera’s only data center, but the latter may be more convenient for those who live outside the USA. Bluehost is a good option for anyone new to the area

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